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community writing project

As a Fall 2017 fellow of Organizing for Action (OFA), Erica designed OFA Sound Off, a collaborative, multimodal, time-lapsed community writing project that focused on listening as    its central activity and storytelling as the key component of community engagement and change. By creating a space for conversations, Sound Off encouraged participants to find common ground, build personal connections, and make real change. 


UMKC exhibit

Making real change requires us to create spaces for brave conversations where we listen instead of talk and create instead   of tear down. The reflections and stories in the OFA Sound Off exhibit were collected during the 2017 Educate-Organize-Advocate Conference on October 20, 2017. They display the passions, worries, and hopes of the UMKC community, and encourage the creation of local, grassroots movements that are dialogic and meaningful. 

Project Design Credit: Sean McCue